Budgeting And Democracy

Given its priorities in terms of revenue collections and expenditure, Budget 2016-17 seems to be an exercise in futility as far as the relief to the common people is concerned. This neither confirms to democratic norms nor the principles of good governance.

Politics On Edge

Democracy sans a mechanism to empower the people at grassroots level is farce and sham

Malnutrition and Mismanagement in Thar

Three year long drought in the district and destruction of grazing space in nearby districts due to floods worsened the cycle of poverty and took toll on the most vulnerable section of the society, the women and children

PPP Bails Out Nawaz Regime, Again

The embattled Prime Minister of Pakistan rescued by the PPP, which has persuaded the PTI and other opposition parties to drop the demand of Nawaz Sharif resignation in connection with Panama Leaks.

Which Way to Develop

In the post- structural reforms scenario, the government is not meant to run businesses but to hand over the job to the private sector.

Time to Save the Nature

The ecosystem has been disturbed to the extent that it would take a full decade to clear the mess created in the name of development

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PTI May Rethink Politics

Stigma of Corruption

Corruption is transgression of one’s authority. It is a connotation of being negligent, un-dutiful and irresponsible. It simply amounts to flouting the rule of law and challenging the writ of the state.

Guarding State’s Integrity

Gluing the State with its people is the first step towards deterring foreign interference

Why Pakistan went nuclear?

Many states have gone nuclear to look big but Pakistan has done it for the sake of survival. Given its dynamic strategic milieu, porous borders and hostile neighborhood, nuclear weapons are the comprehensive response to address Pakistan’s security concerns

Pakistan’s quest for regional stability

After Pakistan is no more part of global ideological politics, it has simply refused to be a battle ground of divisive ideologies as well

Pakistan – a state, a buffer state, a semi client state

The reality is that, one way or the other, our state infrastructure by design has been pushed in flux and the performance of state institutions is continuously deteriorating

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Can Pakistan aspire for a breathing space as US, India become global partners?


Tom Calder, Austrade regional chief for South Asia, explains how Australia wants to boost trade links with Pakistan.

The unmindful use of pesticides in agricultural sector is not only injurious to people’s health but is also undermining Pakistan’s prospects in trade.
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